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We empower women to share their stories.



Obvi is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We believe that empathy, intersectionality, positivity, and hard work can make the world a better place. Storytelling is the backbone of all Obvi projects. We aim to provide women with the skills and resources to feel comfortable sharing their stories on a personal level and enable them to shout their stories from the rooftops by providing a safe, accessible platform.

We are the Ladies

At the core of Obvi, we are a community dedicated to the idea of “women helping women” no matter the situation. We strive to reflect that message in our work, our interactions with other Ladies, and most importantly, our everyday lives. We believe that the power of sisterhood and storytelling can and will make the world a better place.

What is a Lady?

Lady, n.: 

A woman or person of marginalized gender who works to inspire people to become more educated on how gender inequality affects everyday life. She is constantly learning. She is always seeking to expand her understanding of the world by listening to women with different experiences than hers. She speaks up when she witnesses physical manifestations of misogyny. She values feminism as it relates to all women. Her feminism is intersectional and she understands her points of privilege. She respects women with different beliefs than her own. She fights for their rights just as she fights for her own rights. She believes that her storytelling is activism. She knows her fellow Ladies are her sisters and together they can change the world.


“Just having a conversation with someone, even a friend, and finding out how they feel; that’s an act of feminism and revolution in itself.”

Kara Crutcher | Board Member


Current Initiatives

Our initiatives encourage women from all over the world to share their stories with a wide audience.


Obvi, We're The Ladies

Obvi, We’re the Ladies is our online platform for women and people of marginalized genders to share personal stories and connect with one another. This platform provides our Ladies with the support and freedom to develop their sense of self while engaging with an awesome community.

Lady To Lady

Lady to Lady is a high school workshop series inspired by Obvi We’re The Ladies. Our program is designed to lift up the voices of young women by  bringing to life the power of self-exploration, community-building, and self-expression.


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