Become a Leading Lady.


Our Leading Ladies are the face of the Lady to Lady program.  See below for details on our ideal candidates:

A Lady is:

Lady, n.: A person who identifies as a woman and works to inspire people to become more educated on how gender inequality affects everyday life. She is constantly learning. She is always seeking to expand her understanding of the world by listening to women with different experiences than hers. She speaks up when she witnesses physical manifestations of misogyny. She values feminism as it relates to all women. Her feminism is intersectional and she understands her points of privilege. She respects women with different beliefs than her own. She fights for their rights just as she fights for her own rights. She believes that her storytelling is activism. She knows her fellow Ladies are her sisters and together they can change the world.

Our Leading Lady Is:

  • Age: 20-early 30s/young at heart

  • Comfortable public speaking (Experience in theater, drama, live comedy, performing arts is a plus)

  • Strong sense of self/self-identity

  • Offers a unique point of view to Life

  • Passionate about social justice

  • Practices intersectional feminism

  • Comfortable speaking with strangers, facilitating productive conversation, answering questions

  • A good listener

  • Able to interact authentically with teens

  • Comfortable with vulnerability and sharing personal stories

  • Has likely been told she’s “intense” (Would also accept “radical feminist world-changer”)

  • Is the embodiment of who an Obvi Lady is (in her own way)

  • Wants to make the world better (Specifically wants to make the world better by helping youth)


If this sounds like you, let us know!  We'll get back to you with more information. 

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